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Top 20 Factors for Creating Successful GFSI Strategies

  1. Adequate knowledge of the GFSI-approved standards and how they work within food companies.
  2. Ability to use and implement document and records management/control.
  3. Training to implement the standard and ongoing training in the standard/key program areas, including HACCP and internal audit.
  4. Meeting the building requirements of the GFSI standards.
  5. An integrated pest management system that meets the requirements of the standard.
  6. Dedicated role of a qualified plant sanitarian.
  7. A strategy that includes management commitment and allocation of budgets and resources.
  8. Proper management review meetings and records.
  9. Compliant food safety and security.
  10. A corrective action/preventative action (CA/PA) process that meets the requirements of the standard.
  11. Approved supplier programs.
  12. Control of non-conforming product through disposal.
  13. Change management and acceptance by the organization.
  14. Product specifications that meet the requirements of the standard.
  15. Sanitation and chemical control programs.
  16. Deviation and variance tracking, reporting, and response.
  17. Product and raw material storage.
  18. Food-level Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), operating prerequisites, and compliance.
  19. Calibration of measurement devices.
  20. Emergency response and contingency plans.