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Kestrel FSMA Compliance Value Strategies

High Level

  • Establish expense change impacts
  • Complete a compliance review and valuation of all plants and equipment based on validation requirements
  • Determine project cost bills of material for plant and equipment upgrades and high-level project plans
  • Assess product specification compliance and risks
  • Assess supplier and supply chain impacts
  • Consider plant and product SKU rationalization

Mid Level

  • Assess and document compliance and needs
  • Determine HR and qualified resources
  • Establish plant contingency plans
  • Determine alternative process options
  • Expand supplier qualification for backups
  • Conduct detailed review of product compliance

Short Term

  • Conduct a FSMA SWOT analysis
  • Determine short-term vulnerabilities
  • Develop food safety/compliance business plan from commitment to audit
  • Communicate compliance principles and goals with customers
  • Create short-term compliance goals and objectives